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Beautiful America: Holiday Greetings

I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks thinking about Christmases with family, and pictures of this time of year will appear here – some of them very much family shots. But I love my kids, and they are beautiful! Yes, yes, I’m biased. I think some of you will enjoy it, anyway. A glimpse into the winters on the Farm with a very ordinary family of happy-go-lucky people.

Playing in the snow, putting up the tree, getting cabin fever and playing games to pass the time…

Christmas Tree
Four kids under the tree! Like most years, this was a tree grown on the Farm, not perfect, but lots of love in decorations!
Christmas Tree
My favorite photo every year – the tree, all lit up.
Snowy trees
Winter wonderland… time to play outside in the snow, then come in and warm up!
Boy in snow
A small child’s love of the snow lasts as long as his mittens are dry…
Snowshoes were a family favorite for getting down to the woods, and the tree would come home on the toboggan
Deep Snow
Playing on the snow – that’s a six foot stockade fence they are clambering over!
Out snowshoeing in the falling snow
Candy cane antlers
Look, antlers! Candy canes lend themselves to silly


Playing board games
Time to play games and stay warm inside!