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Beautiful America: Merry Christmas!

Christmas is coming fast, and there is snow on the ground, but the house is dry and warm, so I am happy. Doesn’t take much to make me happy.

More photos of kids, baking, charlie-brown trees, and possibly cats, this week. Growing up we never had trees at our house, so I had to go to family for such a thing. I love the smell of Balsam Fir and that wasn’t always what we had for a tree, but I would go down into the woods, often enough on snowshoes and gather an armful of boughs for the mantel and tables, so I could have my smells of Christmas along with the baking.

Merry Christmas!

Wood cookstove
The old wood cookstove, covered in stockings for the family!
Beetle the Bard
A book! They all love getting a book…
Strummin’ along… the ukulele was a big thing that year, all the girls got one.
Christmas baking
Christmas baking – messy results!
Christmas cookies
Sticky hands! We use powdered sugar to roll out cookies, keeps them from getting tough.
Christmas baking
Covered in flour and sugar – maybe we should bake her?
Christmas Eve
The traditional one gift to open on Christmas eve…
Cat and ornaments
The cat, killing Santa. Fortunately, just an ornament.
Christmas kids
They thought this was the neatest thing – lying on their backs looking up into the lit tree.
Bodwell Tree Farm
Tree-huggers! They love their tree
Bodwell tree Farm
One year we went to a local tree farm for our tree. A little one!