Late Again

dog being cute
Cute Stink!

I think I have posted late every day this week. However, I have also written about 15K words on Trickster Noir, gotten a bunch of other things done, and it was my first full week off from school, so I will beg your pardons and try to do better next week. Tomorrow’s post is already queued up for early morning, if that helps.

Yesterday’s visit to Kentucky was wonderful, as always, despite poor driving conditions both coming and going. While we were down there it was mild enough (if breezy) to sit out on the porch in light jackets and talk. It was pouring most of the day here in Ohio, and I found out this morning, after the fact, there were actually flash flood warnings in effect. No wonder it sucked to drive in.

One of the things about this trip is that it gives my First Reader and I a solid six hours to talk, while driving. It makes for a long day, but his folks are frail enough we won’t stay overnight and wear them out too much trying to be hospitable. We chatted about everything from male roles in society, and the backlash we fear coming from the feminist hate that seems so prevalent especially in my industry, to the ongoing plotting of Trickster Noir. He is as much involved in this series as I am, enough that we seriously discussed putting his name on the cover of Pixie Noir. We’re up to the middle portion of TN, which I am calling internal politics and in-fighting, with a wedding and a coronation. I really hate writing politics, but the interplay between Alger, Lom, and the King at one point should be a hoot to write, and hopefully to amuse the readers with.

Dog being cute
Tricksy Upside-Down

Yesterday was a very doggy day, as we took our lab-cross, Tricksy, with us, and she could play with the folk’s Norwegian Elkhound, Stink. Only they didn’t. To our amusement, they decided that what they really wanted were pets from the three adults sitting on the porch, and went round and round the table and chairs like a puppy carousel, occasionally arguing with one another about who got to get petted first. They aren’t puppies – T is 2 ½, and Stinker is 2 – but they were having a lot of fun getting skritches. They are both beautiful dogs, but exuberant, and we had muddy paw-prints all over us by the end of the day.

I’m really more of a cat person, but Tricksy is a smart, pretty dog, and I’m fond of Stink, who is much cuter than her name. It’s hard to write at times, though, when you are being demanded to play with, or let out, and in, and out, and… Cats would never do such a thing, just lay somewhere napping and looking regal. Heh!

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