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Review: Something Different

Look, I’m prepping for my midterm Chemistry Lab exam. This week I have been tired and very very busy, so although I started a book (The Grimm Legacy by Addie J. King and it’s got an excellent opening paragraph, sucked me right in) I am not going to review it until I’ve had a chance to enjoy the whole thing!

So what you are getting is a list and comments on my favorite webcomics. Every morning (ok, most mornings) I sip coffee and go through my list. Some are daily, most are not. In sort-of-order:

Schlock Mercenary – the king of all webcomics for me, this is an amazing story, funny, characters you will fall for (and I should probably not call it king, or Schlock will get ideas), and best of all, a daily with unparalleled reliability. (Daily!)

Freefall – one of the best at telling a story, and one that is hitting a great climax right now. I really enjoy Florence, the AI wolf, and Sam, the unethical alien. (Updates MWF)

Girl Genius – the webcomic that makes me buy books for my budding Mad Scientist. It took me a while (and reading one of the novelizations) to get into it, but it’s a good story, just slow and occasionally will make you go back a few strips trying to figure out what’s going on (MWF updates).

Sequential Art – Ok, I really love the characters, the story arcs are fun, usually… but it’s erratic. I have no idea when it will update, so I touch the link once a week, maybe, and catch up if he’s been prolific.

The Whiteboard – I am not, nor have I ever been, a paintballer. However, this strip is funny without having to know anything other than it’s a game, and Doc is a big fluffy polar bear with a penchant for mad science. (MWF updates)

XKCD – no story line here, just sometimes funny one-liners, sometimes profound, often obscure… it’s geeky goodness. (MWF updates)

Mary Death – a little girl with an invisible friend, the Pratchettian Death. Sweet and poignant, sometimes funny. I think it updates Monday and Friday.

Vexarr! – I’m still trying to figure out what some of these characters are, besides aliens, and artificial intelligences, and all of them with questionable ethics. The guy with the cake obsession I can get behind. It makes  me laugh on occasion, though. (Updates MWF)

Other comics I check in with:

Day by Day (mostly political but I enjoy the characters when he gets away from the satire to tell a story) Updates daily

Delta Bravo Sierra, military humor, but sadly, a very erratic update schedule.

Sheldon, at one time, this was a daily go-to, but like so many webcomics over the years, Dave Kellett got distracted by another project and seems to have wandered off and left this strip fallow. The archives are fun if you haven’t seen the strip before, and enjoy kids, dogs, and Grampas.