Mother’s Day

I’m celebrating the day by calling my mom, and my Dorothy-Mom (not a mother-in-law, but something nicer) and my own children. I’m part of a long line of mothers, stretching back into the mists of time. We all know that certain universals are true.

You will, at some point, say “I hope you have a child just like you!”

You will hear your own mother’s words coming out when you open your mouth.

It’s a good thing they are so stinkin’ adorable, or they’d never survive.

If you have more than one, you will call for a child by using all their sibling’s names, and possibly pets, before you get to theirs.

You will learn to smile and feel your heart melt when you are handed a wet frog/muddy feather/handprint card, or whatever else your child has chosen to gift you with on this day.

Kathy and Juliet
My mother, Kathy, and my daughter, feeding baby goats.
balloon rose
Dorothy-Mom with a rose I made for her
Mama and all four of her brood.
Mama and all four of her brood.