Ok here's what were gonna do


Cedar Sanderson
Signing at LibertyCon 27

I am trying to get back into the groove of life again. The convention was wonderful, and the two days of vacation preceding it were just what I needed. But I came home to chemistry class – finishing the last half of General Chemistry so I can take Organic Chemistry this Fall. I also had a very late party Monday night, with lecture and lab yesterday. I came home and zonked out. Today I need to take the time to make lists, triage them, and remake the lists.

As much as it may not seem like it, I’m an introvert. Dorothy Grant and I were talking about this at the con. The difference, she thinks, is that an extrovert will gain energy from being out with people, while an introvert will be drained afterward. And I have lots of training in performing, and LibertyCon is more about family than needing masks. But still. I’m weirdly not-all-there and trying to put my head back on straight.

So in my odd moments at home I’ve been working on putting the non-people photos up, at Flickr and DeviantArt. I tried to read yesterday, during lunch break at school, and discovered nothing I own was working for me. That, and being interrupted by classmates who were trying to figure out the lab notebooks… I’m the only person who was taking the first half of this class on this campus with our professor. And I think I come across as Mommy.

I’m going to be editing The God’s Wolfing today based on what beta feedback I’ve gotten, and my plan is to send the ms to my editor by tonight. Hopefully I can buckle down and focus on it!

Oh, and thank you to everyone who bought books at the convention. It was terrific fun to do the signing and have you all come see me and keep me from being lonely. Hopefully you’ll like the books and let me know! The two best sellers? Pixie Noir and Vulcan’s Kittens, the latter surprising me a little. By the way, if any of my readers want a signed print copy, contact me and I do sell & ship to wherever you are.