Cover Art, Ok here's what were gonna do

Ends and Pieces

Let’s see…

I finished formatting and playing with the files for The God’s Wolfling last night, late… I should know better than to delve into a project that late at night, it took me forever to relax and fall asleep. But! I’m all ready for launch date, now I just need to think about marketing and making the most out of launch day for it. I’d really like this book to do well.

I need to start writing the next book, somehow. Not sure where I can squeeze it into my schedule. We will see… I know I’m ready, I was having the oddest and most vivid dreams last night, which is usually the stories trying to come out.

Sanford, my Dear First Reader, took one look at how tired I was last night, and quietly typed up a post to Mad Genius Club for me, didn’t tell me he was doing it, and emailed it to me. It was like getting flowers and chocolate. I love this man…

TGW full cover final