After two days of non-stop rain and clouds, the sun has come out…


We’re going to go find some little adventures, like bugs to take pictures of, and my son has requested a stop at his favorite antique shop. You know, the things we adults overlook when we have things like the zombie apocalypse on the brain. (I’ve been reading Ringo’s latest, yes). 

So I’m not really here, but I thought I’d check in. I don’t have photos of the trip uploaded yet, and might not until I’m home from the trip, to be honest. My laptop is on its lat legs, and I can’t connect the tablet to the camera, I don’t think. I’ll give it a whirl later. 

No camping so far, thank goodness I am no longer young and foolish enough to think that pouring rain with flash floods is a good camping trip (not sure I was ever that young…) 

Oh, we did rather a lot of shopping yesterday, because what else do you do in the rain? Two used book stores later, and the minions have reading material for a month… and my Dear First Reader, if I come home with, er, rather a lot of books, will you be angry with me? 🙂 

We ended up our day at the Peterborough Diner to meet Ben Hartley, a distiguished gentleman of avanished era, and hand-deliver the copy of the God’s Wolfling he’d won The minions were relatively good, the food was delicious, and hearing bits of Shakespeare and Dickens declaimed expertly was sheer pleasure. I am so glad we braved the rain to make that happen. 

But now I am going to finish watching the Aristocats (possibly my favorite Disney movie) with the Jr. Mad Scientist while the Little Man cultivates his baby dragon (something makes me think I will be expected to adopt it, and take care of it, when I go home, as it’s on my phone). 


my Geek Girls
my Geek Girls
the Little Man's selfie
the Little Man’s selfie