The End is Near

The end of the semester, that is. This week has been fraught with snow, on Monday, and sick, yesterday, and… once it’s over I have two days next week, then a full week after Thanksgiving, before entering Finals Week. Today I have the last microbiology wet lab at 8:00 am, and as I was prepping for it, I was musing over just how many typos and errors there are in the lab manual. I’ve caught a few on exams, and corrected them, but these are egregious. I don’t think I’ll bother mentioning them, though. Maybe in the course evaluations.

Yesterday working through the migraine I managed to finish the last statistics homework of the semester. I have a quiz and an individual project, then I’m done with that class. I actually enjoyed it, and from talking to those who took in ‘in person’ the online class was better. I will say that having software instead of long, complex equations was a really nice thing, even if it made me feel faintly guilty, having been raised to do math sans calculator until I was competent at it. Even then, I wasn’t always allowed to use the technology to make my life easier.

Tech comes with a price, yes, but I wouldn’t go without it. Our world is faster, stronger, cleaner… I don’t think I have time to go into all the ways technology has improved our world. I really need to get ready for a lab where we’re going to study bacteriophages, which is just very nifty.

And the inside of my head still isn’t quite right. Migraines have been less frequent and less severe since I left NH, but still when I’m stressed, they happen. So I’ll try to come back this afternoon with something more interesting.