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Planning Ahead

On Sunday, rather early in the morning, I leave on a big trip. Because I have multiple connecting flights, and a close to four-hour layover in a place where I’d love to leave the airport and do some sightseeing, but can’t due to the ever-damned security hassles, I don’t arrive at my destination until early evening. Oh, well, maybe I’ll be able to get some writing done while I’m traveling.

This will be a ten-day trip for me, which has repercussions for this blog. I’m not going to just walk away and leave it sitting here dormant while I’m gone. I should have internet access, and I’m going to create a few ‘buffer’ posts in the next couple of days before I’m on my way. What it may mean is that you get more travel journal than writerly musings, and I think I can safely promise photos from along the way (although not, sadly, of the places like Seattle where I’m trapped in the airport).

Today I will start making lists of what I need to have with me. Laptop, power cord, tablet, charger, keyboard for tablet, phone… The camera bag. Yikes… Lots of electronics. Actually, I’d debated not taking the tablet, but there are a few things going on there. One, I’m not taking my pentablet, but I will want to keep up with my artfully challenge. Two, the battery life between the laptop and the tablet with bluetooth keyboard means that even on the day I’m traveling for 17 hours, I should be able to keep writing when I’m not sleeping. Third reason, silliest of all: my son put a game on my tablet which was essentially an electronic pet, and I’ve been taking care of it for him. So I want to show him his Pou is getting big and sporting a red shirt. (A friend’s daughter showed me that trick. Thanks, Athena!)

My tablet is also my ereader. I am not going to pack books… I lie. There will be a paper book in the camera bag (my carry-on) because I have a horror of being caught without anything to read, and I’d rather not wind up buying some popular novel at airport prices. What else does this reader pack? Well, protein bars, but no liquid. I’ll have to buy that thanks to security. A light coat and scarf, given the time of year. I have a neck pillow thing that will hopefully assist with sleeping on planes. I sleep better in a prop-driven job than a jet (don’t ask. Early imprinting on loud aircraft) so I’m hoping that long overnight flight I can get some sleep on.  And that’s about it in my carry-on. It will be bulky enough because I’ll have both the laptop and the camera gear, which I will not entrust to checked bags.

Coming back around to the blog, is there anything you all would like to see while I’m prepping posts? Comment with a suggestion and I will try to get 5-7 posts ahead, so I don’t have to worry about a blog every morning on my trip. I have lots of visiting and catching up to do with family!