10 Awesomely Geeky Hats You can Make

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My regular readers will have already noted several oddities about this post. One, it’s not my usual format to make a list of ‘8 amazing…’ or ‘5 funny…’ because that’s not my style. However, last night I’d clicked on an article with great geeky patterns… for knitters. I can’t knit. My poor daughter tried for days to teach me to cast on. However, I can crochet, at least a bit. I made hooded cowls for the kids for Christmas, and they came out super cute, and the kids loved them. So I’m getting a head start on next Christmas with this list…

Wolf Hoodie
The Junior Mad Scientist modeling the wolf hoodie I made for her.

Most of the patterns (not all) are free, most are from Ravelry, which is Crafter’s Crack, if you know what I mean. I actually started my searches at Pinterest, which is Crafter’s Porn…LOL (this is me on Pinterest)

In no particular order:

  1. Cthulhu Bearded Hat – for those days when you feel like an eldritch being striking horror into all around you. Or just want to stay warm while shoveling snow. Cthulhu_Bearded_Hat_small2
  2. (ok, not a hat) Cthulhu Scarfette for the more, er, delicate horrors in your life. Cthulhu_Scarflette_small2 (1)
  3. Ewok Hoodie – for the inarticulate cuties among us, who threaten to kill and eat us, then warm our hearts with bumbling good cheer. ewok hat
  4. Such a Cunning Hat – why, any man who would wear this hat… Bryan's Jayne Hat
  5. Yoda Hat – my, what big ears you have. Keep warm, you do. yoda hat
  6. Harry’s Sorting Hat – for the undecided in life. sorting hat
  7. Gir Hat – I never did figure this show out, but my kids adored it. Also, the bug eyes are cute. gir hat
  8. Dragon Hat – Probably vastly beyond my skill level, ever, but what geeky collection could be without a dragon? (Also, not free). DragonLucW_small2
  9. Viking Hat – with attached beard! And without incorrect horns. Although I like the name of the pattern: Dwarven Battle Bonnet. Makes me giggle. viking hat
  10. Pastafarian Hat – flying spaghetti monster, anyone? Noodly good fun. pastafarian hat
  11. Finally, a bonus pattern… Baby Groot! Everyone say AWWWW! Grootfinished51-660x1024