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Guns in Fiction: More Useful Information

After I shared the link to my Mad Genius post on Saturday, Chris Byrne offered an assortment of articles he’s written on guns in fiction and real-life use over the years, and he gave me permission to put them all in one place to find again, and share with my readers.

There is a lot of really useful information here if you plan to have guns in your character’s hands.

Guns in fiction: for beginners

Guns in fiction: The Basics

Guns in Fiction: Two-Gun Mojo

Guns in Fiction: One Shot, One Kill

Mercury-Filled Bullets?

What is Point Blank?

Magazines: to load fully, or not?

How much trigger pull?

Bullpups: not a solution

And as I said in the earlier post, probably the best way to familiarize yourself is to take a trip to the range with qualified people to instruct you on safety and use. While not everyone can manage this, it will help you in many ways not only with your fiction, but choosing a weapon for self-defense and home protection.

Baen's Bar Range Trip
The author firing a revolver at LibertyCon 25 Range Day
Baen's Bar Range Trip
A busy, but safe, range: note everyone is wearing ear protection.
Baen's Bar Range Trip
Learning how to use a semi-automatic pistol with the Saddletramp’s expert assistance.
Baen's Bar Range Trip
Not everyone uses a traditional stance.