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Wild Boar Seekh Kebabs

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The Little Man wanted to try something different, so he picked out a package of ground Wild Boar while we were at Jungle Jim’s. I had picked up a couple of packages of seasoning mix while I was at the Crescent Market, and decided that we’d do kebabs since the kids liked them when we’d taken them for Lebanese food. To go with the kebabs, I made a batch of flatbread (would have been pita bread, but it didn’t puff like it was supposed to… so it made great flatbread. I have to figure that out another time) and a salad.


Wild Boar kebab recipe
Wild Boar Kebab on flatbread with a salad. Perfect for grilling out.

I made one small tactical error. I picked up Seekh Kebab seasoning, and followed the prep directions on the back, omitting the green chillies it called for. However, there was enough pepper in the seasoning that, as the First Reader and I mused afterward, it registered an easy 2.5 out of five on the heat scale. The Little Man did not approve. The Jr. Mad Scientist buried hers in Ranch Dressing and nommed it.

It’s got a LOT of flavor. It’s also not for those who can’t take the heat. I don’t want to think about what adding the green chillies would have done!

Forming the kebabs onto skewers
Kebabs on the grill
Kebabs on the fire. You don’t want it too hot.

I used a low to medium amount of charcoal for this, not wanting to cook the outside before the inside was done. You could also do this in the oven at a medium heat (about 300 deg F).

The finished kebabs had a tendency to fall off the skewers, I suspect lamb or beef would have been better.
Flatbread recipe
Flatbreads! Very easy and useful.