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A List of Books for Big Boys

The list of Books for Big Boys

This list is intended to be a companion to the list of Books for Big Girls, which is a study in heroism. This list is the opposite of the other, in that it is strong female lead characters who can serve as role models for what to look for in a Lady when it comes time to seek a life partner, but the same in being a list of characters that can inspire hero-worship.

I asked the people who were giving me suggestions to keep in mind that we didn’t want whiny, bitchy, or damsels in distress. These are women who can fight side by side with her man, always protect their family and never forsake their loved ones. In other words, wife material. A real man wants a woman who can meet him face to face on intelligence, courage, and tenacity. These characters display honor, loyalty, a fine sense of duty, and they serve as ideals to hold in mind when looking for a best friend, or more.

There are comments in the list – some are mine, some are from the folks who helped with this, mine are in italics. I didn’t include every suggestion, I was looking for character names, not just book titles.

  • Cordelia Naismith-Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series.
  • Faith Smith and Sarah Jane Smith from John Ringo’s zombie series.
  • Barbara Everette from John Ringo’s Special Circumstances
  • Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews Magic series. She is extremely fracked up but overcomes it.
  • Mercy Thompson from Patricia Brigg’s werewolf books. Tiny and tenacious.
  • Honor Harrington from David Weber’s series (I highly recommend the first part of the series. Sadly, the last few books have not been up to par, but the new Manticore Ascendant books are looking very promising).
  • Tinker, from Wen Spencer’s Elfhome series.
  • April, from Mackey Chandler’s Home series.
  • Echo Sackett, from Louis L’Amour’s book Ride the River
  • Eilonwy from the Prydain books. She is spunky and learns to be ladylike.
  • Telzey and Trigger from James Schmitz’s books. And my personal favorite, Leewit!
  • Margo Green held her own in Preston & Child’s Relic
  • Star from Heinlein’s Glory Road
  • Gretchen from Eric Flint’s 1632 Series.
  • Elizabeth Moon’s series with Esmay de Suiza and Herris Serrano…I think it’s called the Familias Regnant series? Oh, and Vatta’s War…both have strong female leads.
  • Theo Waitley from Lee and Miller’s Liad series.
  • Elizabeth in the Colplatschki Chronicles by Alma TC Boykin is one of the classiest female characters to ever come down the pike. Her strength is ALL based on her ethics, not on her cup size.
  • So, readers, who can you suggest? Who did you imprint on, when you were a younger reader, and how did it influence your choices later on?


8 thoughts on “A List of Books for Big Boys

  1. Claire Randall Fraser from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.
    Empress Sharleyan from Weber’s Safehold series.
    Mathilda from Stirling’s Change series.

  2. Alanna, Tris, Briar, Daja, Sandy, Dianne, and pretty much any of the main supporting casts from Tamora Pierce’s Tortall and Circle series.

    Pierce is the only one of the authors I loved growing up that is still on my “buy immediately” list.

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