Marketing, You crawl over there......

Question for you

I have been contemplating marketing, and I have a research question: would my readers and fans like an omnibus edition of the Pixie For Hire trilogy in time to give as a Christmas gift?

I am planning on reducing the cost of the first book in the series, and if I create an omnibus of all three novels, it would be far less than the $15 it currently costs to own them all. I was holding off until I could write some original material (a short story or something) but I’m not sure I can make that happen in time.

I do have two collections I will be releasing, but they are out of my hands and may not appear in time for Christmas. There’s no rush, though. I have plenty to keep me busy and I’ll keep blogging to amuse you all. Shall I cut back on the recipes? I’ll admit, I do ETWYRT for the authors, but the others are because they’re easy right now.

This is the last week of regular classes in the semester and I have some big projects coming due. Then, finals… I’ll try to keep up the routine on the blog. So many questions!

Twisted Mindflow
A collection of approximately 15 stories.