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One More Day

I’m still here, I’m just up to my elbows in study materials. Since I’m fairly sure that’s only interesting to me and a handful of other people in my class (none of whom read my blog) I’ve refrained from muttering about it too much. Tomorrow evening I have the last of the exams and after that the future is limitless. For a week or two.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with all that time.

well, ok, I know I will be trying to write. Or at least edit. Failing that, I’ll paint. I always find ways to keep busy.

Crochet project… and it’s finished, now. I’ll take a photo later to put up.

4 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. How do you know it’s not interesting to us if you don’t mention the class?

    I’m assuming it’s STEM something – and the AC pieces have been geeky fun!

    1. Today’s exam was the AC exam, and I don’t think I did very well – but it is over. And tomorrow is the Evidence Collection exam for which I shall re-read the professor’s powerpoints and my notes and not worry about. I’m carrying a very high grade in that class as little of it has been over material I didn’t already know.

      I do have my textbooks already for the two winter term classes, and I can tell History (before 1500) is going to be an exercise in holding my tongue and spouting what the professor wants to hear. The Design & Audience class I’m excited about and already reading the book. Good stuff.

        1. ART 256. Design, Perception & Audience. (3) (MPF, MPT)
          An introduction to perception and audience issues for the artist/
          designer and those interested in art/design, to learn how audiences
          perceive, receive and react to visual messages. Universal design
          principles, usability, learning theory, communication theory and
          semiotics are discussed.

          It should be an interesting class, it’s all online (so is the History class) and I know the professor slightly. If I had time I’d add an art minor but no time! LOL

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