I’m not dead yet! I’ll get better!

I just have a lot of homework. Really a lot and that means no time to think, and I am pretty sure you all aren’t interested in how to set up PCR primers or how to access a UNIX database and set up directories and files and more… Or in a crime scene mock up with sketches and notes. Or, um… whatever I’m supposed to be doing for Physics. Or anatomy, where I’m learning my bones. Not making my bones, sheesh… Unless you count dragon bones.

dragon bones, partly based on a cat skeleton in our lab.
dragon bones, partly based on a cat skeleton in our lab.

I will return soon, I promise. I owe you an ETWYRT for one thing, it’s just not going to be tomorrow, I haven’t even baked it yet. I’m going to keep doing daily art, I can post that here, I suppose, although not all of it is ‘good’ if you know what I mean.

I’ll be back on the weekend. If I have to do a weekly blog, I’ll let you know. I’m hoping that once the semester settles and I catch up on things, it will be better. Right now, I’m swamped.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus

    1. Paul ((hugs)) Thank you. I promise if I need help with something I’ll holler. Right now I’m just trying to get the work done for classes this week. I’ve got great friends – I asked and got help on facebook earlier this week with Unix. I knew the senior year was going to be a level up in intensity, so this isn’t a surprise it’s just… I can’t wait until December!

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