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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Vittles an’ Sech

Written by Sanford Begley

Vittles, a funny little word I have seldom heard in real life.When I have heard it, it has been used to evoke a certain type of ignorant redneck hillbilly, or to mock the stereotype. I probably haven’t heard it more than a few dozen times total outside of an old sitcom called The Beverly Hillbillies.  Odd, it was fine to stereotype southerners, rednecks, and hillbillies, not so much any other ethnic group. Well, blondes get more than their share too.

Now I do remember a time half a century ago when Italian jokes and Polack jokes were acceptable. Even Black jokes were fine back then. That is no longer true. In fact the only groups you can denigrate now are men, blondes, and the various southerners. I am intensely aware of this since I fit roughly into all those groups. I guess that according to modern society that makes me evil.

I really don’t mind most of the time. After all, those are the only groups in the country that has a willingness to laugh at itself. Just about all the other groups are so worthless and insecure they can’t be joked about. Did I just anger you because you are a member of one of those groups? Good, that pretty much proves me right.

You say you don’t mind jokes at your group’s expense and are only upset because I tarred you with that wide brush of your group? Well it surely seems odd to me that it is only hurtful when it is aimed at someone not in one of my groups. Of course there are many things that seem odd to me.

For instance, if I wish to discuss the fact that as a white I cannot use the N word to discuss the N word as a concept. See the banning of Huck Finn. If I did use it here there is a good chance the site would be shut down and my host would have her blogging privileges revoked. On the other hand any black person can use it anytime anywhere and it is just fine. I have trouble seeing where this fits with the concept of equal rights.

Then again, they now have “safe spaces” where whites are not allowed, or men. Should I open a place where no people of color were allowed I would find Al Sharpton outside my door with judges and a lynch mob. I can remember when there was a big stink in NYC about a gym. It had been a men’s only place for it’s entire existence, started sometime in the early 1800s. Ever hear of a chain called Curves? Yep, equality for all, except for you nasty old white men and rednecks, Ya’ll white men and southerners is racists. I wonder if we need safe spaces for people of color (never colored people) on buses? Should we redo all the buses that way? Maybe in the back?

Of course, when it comes time to pay for all these things, who winds up footing the bills? And some people today complain about the slavery of yesteryear. Oh yeah, I forgot, white lives don’t matter.


10 thoughts on “Curmudgeon’s Corner: Vittles an’ Sech

  1. I can tell Irish jokes no problem and Scotts as well. But try to point out the factual experience of the Irish and slavery and prepare to be crucified.

    1. You mean things like the last major slave raid being on Cork in 1851 or the fact that the English regularly enslaved the Irish and sold them to the colonies long before blacks were sold there? Or maybe that the English did a forced breeding project with Irish women and black males because black or part black slaves were more valuable than Irish slaves? Doesn’t count, everyone knows nobody ever did the Irish dirt, they are white so they deserve every bad thing that ever happened to them. Well I am pretty sure that is why it was OK when it is evil to mistreat blacks or whatever. And it was all the fault of the Irish you know, They made the other blacks and Arabs enslave the poor innocents that were sent to America, the only country that ever had slavery.

      1. Cork in 1851? There was a later one than the Sack of Baltimore in 1831? (Which was mainly English settlers, IIRC.)

        Hmm. No, Google-fu may be off tonight, but 1831 is the last date I can find still. (Although learned about the even earlier ones by the same outfit on Iceland, that I hadn’t heard about before.)

      2. Well, it IS our fault, Sanford. After all, we were the ones that obstinately refused to accept the blessings of the Religion of Peace and being introduced to a far, far better life.

        (I’ll spot you a blog floor mopping, sir… Soon as I get mine cleaned up.)

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