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Curmudgeon’s Corner: Doggerel

Written by Sanford Begley

Cedar and I were out and I saw a little sign that said they had an app for something silly. I mentioned that I am starting to hate apps for everything, apps in general in fact. She said that apps were very useful, she was using one right then for studying, she could use it as a soporific and on her tablet or phone or whatever. This inspired a bit of doggerel.

With apologies to a respected poet…


I can do it here

I can do it there

I can do it everywhere

I can do it til I nap

I can do while I crap

I can do it with a phone

I can do it til I moan

I can do it with a toy

I can do it with a boy

I can do it in a bed

I can do it yes she said

I need not wait

I need not linger

I do it all with my finger

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