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Morning Musings

I sat here for a long moment this morning staring at the blank expanse of the composition box in WordPress. I didn’t know what to say. I’m a bit sleepy yet, but have to walk out the door for work in mere moments, and I wanted to share my Mad Genius Club post with you all. It’s a bit silly, but I get that way when I’m tired.

This morning? Well, Saturdays are a short crew at work, and it’s oddly relaxing as I’m often working alone, free to let my mind wander. I’m going to attempt dictation if I can find my bluetooth headset. If… my desk is a mess, too.

Oh, I did some work to the website last night! Put in a new animated book display – check out the upper right sidebar. And hopefully I’ve reconnected all my subscribers and social sharing with Jetpack. You ought to be able to sign up for posts in your email again, sorry about that. I’d been using a theme that conflicted with Jetpack. I need to do something with my domain..

And my husband distracted me with tales of peppermint mocha creamer at a local store. So on the way home I may make a detour… you see, my son likes to drink coffee. Isn’t he a little young? you ask, and you’re right. I’d object, but what he is really drinking is creamer flavored with a little coffee. It has less caffeine than sun-tea, at the ratio he dilutes his cup. What I object to is the rate we go through creamer!

Having released the book also seems to have reset my brain, and I’ve been bombarded by a happy muse with more ideas than I can handle. I’m trying to stay on track – I’ve been working on a short story (may become a novella) that is unrelated to anything, because that’s what wanted to come out. But I do want to get to the East Witch. I bought a copy of Dragon, and my desk has been moved out of the public area of the house (hence it being a big mess) so I’ll report back on that soon.

But now, I must slip out into the pre-dawn twilight, and drive for a while. I have my heart set on a goal, and reaching it means plowing a straight furrow. Hmmm… mangled metaphors in the morning, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. My Dragonette has been drinking coffee since she graduated from the bottle. First it was “coffee milk” – milk with flavored creamer, and a wee touch of coffee. Now? She finishes off my cup in the morning, and begs for a Starbucks visit anytime we’re by the airport. I don’t worry too much – she doesn’t drink soda, and prefers healthy beverages, so the occasional coffee won’t hurt her.

    By the way, I started Tanager’s Fledgling at 4:30 this morning, and finished it while eating lunch. I loved it, and am waiting for my brain to finish noodling on it so I can get a review out there.

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