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Zombie Caterpillars

I have to admit, there’s nothing like finding a scientific paper on zombies, mummification, and, er, caterpillars to put me in the Halloween mood. It’s got it all: mind-controlled caterpillars who submit to their fate, controlled by a monster that isn’t even sentient. Then, the mindless monster sparks wars, is used to cheat in races, and scientists… Read More Zombie Caterpillars


It was Dark

this morning on my way into work. I think I can expect this to continue for the next several months, and frankly I don’t like it. I was excited to get to work, and see some data on a project, but on the other hand I just wanted to turn around, go home, and go… Read More It was Dark

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Anthology Appearance

I have a story in an anthology! I’m pretty excited about this, because not only am I happy about the tale I told, it’s in the company of some pretty great work by authors I respect.  It’s available as ebook and paperback, and it’s in the Kindle Unlimited pool. I can’t wait to hear from… Read More Anthology Appearance


Inktober Part 2

The second section in what will be a three-parter this year. It’s been very busy, and I had a small health hiccup that set me back a bit for time – which is why the blog went quiet for a couple of days, sorry. Life, work, and family: they all have priority. However, I have… Read More Inktober Part 2



I read a pair of articles this week about spiders, their genes, venom, and silk. It was a fascinating glimpse into the little creatures I already am fascinated with. I had no idea how complex the arachnid genome is, much more than a human’s. And untangling that genetic riddle could lead to advances in textiles,… Read More Spidersilk

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A Profusion of Petals

Have you ever wondered why there is such a broad diversity of flower shapes? What dictates that this plant will have two petals, this one five, and that one over there 200 or more? The answer is in the genes, of course, but flowers themselves are an interesting genetic phenomenon. The cells that develop into… Read More A Profusion of Petals


Word Associations

It’s a funny thing, what we link words to. The First Reader and I were chatting yesterday as we made a fun expedition to Jungle Jim’s (still our favorite date destination, if somewhat less fun on a weekend when it’s crowded. We solve the problem of kids who also love JJ by handing them some… Read More Word Associations