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Pursuing Passions

I write. That’s the point of the blog. I also create art, take photos, and learn. I’m passionate about all of those, but they have ups and downs. It’s my birthday, and I’ve been thinking about the future and what lies there, just out of sight.

Pearl Crescent on Aster

I was listening to a podcast by professional photographer today, and they were talking about how oversaturated the market is – no one is buying photos. Gat out and shoot just because it makes you happy, they encouraged. Not because you think you’ll hit big. So today I gave myself thirty minutes of photography time at a favored destination for prairie flowers. I’ve never had any intent of becoming a pro… I just love it.

Honeybee on New England Aster

I also managed the time today to read back over about half what I’ve written on the East Witch thus far. And I like it. I was worrying over pacing and continuity, but they feel sound, and my characters feel alive. Which means I might be able to write again. Because I love writing. Not because I wanted to publish this by December, which is likely not happening. But simply because I want to tell this story.

Clouded Sulfurs on asters

And because I’m doing inktober, I got new pens for my birthday. Which was fun to play with tonight, drawing a picture, then adding more to it. With those things, the Ginja Ninja making carrot cake, and the birthday greetings I have been deluged in, it’s been a great birthday. The First Reader will take me out for Korean food tomorrow, and that makes it perfection.

4 thoughts on “Pursuing Passions

  1. There are things that I am interested in but not yet passionate about, and may never be passionate about. Retiring has given me the time to find out if the interests will turn to passion, or the interests will shift to other things.
    There are so many things to explore.
    Enjoy your birthday.

    1. I’m at the point where I have to say ‘I can’t do that right now’ because I don’t have time to explore that interest, on top of everything I already am doing. So I envy you that a little 😀 But I’ll keep exploring, just slowly.

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