Sometime recently I heard someone referring to those bouts of super-energized activity that kittens and puppies (and sometimes bunnies too!) get as the zoomies. I feel like I have a case of them today, whether I want to or not. Also, how is it that a few ounces of floof and toebeans can sound like a herd of elephants racing down the hall when a kitten gets the zoomies in the middle of the night? One of the deep questions of the world, that.

I have training sessions all day today, we’re trembling on the brink of massive efforts at work, and home commitments after work mean that when I see my bed today, it will be to fall into it. After that, I get up and do it again. The difference about today is that I have no time to breathe. So in the meanwhile, have some kittens.

Wanna-be Lions, or Fuzzy Jellybeans?
Cedar's Kittens
Kittens and Coffee
You drinks this stuffs? Ewwww!
Our cat Friday had kittens three weeks ago… they are reaching maximum cute stage.

13 thoughts on “Zoomies

  1. The calico is obviously ready for her screen test.

    On the coffee cup… I never had my cats get into the coffee (thank goodness, you think you have zoomies now!). I did have one, though, that I had to watch where I set my Bailey’s down. Probably a good thing that I mix the whiskey with that nasty lemon juice.

    1. Well, there was mocha in that cup. I didn’t let her dive into it – she was very dubious at first, and then looked like she wanted to go for it, but I scooped her up!

      We had some pretty kitties. Farm cats, though, with short lifespans. And now I’m catless, which makes me sad fairly often.

  2. It’s quite something how small children can run and stomp and sound much more thuddy and heavy than draft horses, too.

    1. Yep. A thirty-pound toddler can walk through the house like a bull in a china shop! Only the bull, the Mythbusters showed, wouldn’t actually break much, and the toddler would!

    2. the funny thing is, I got fussed at so much for walking/running too loudly, that now i constantly get accused of ‘sneaking up on people’

  3. Around here we call it “Kitty Parkour”. Especially when its leap from the floor rebound from the back of the couch to the chair arm, then jump over the shortest member of the family to pounce on the other cat.

  4. My (now retired vet) called it F.R.A.P. – feline random activity phase. I call it the five o’clock crazies.

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