Free Book

Jade Star is free on Amazon all weekend! Link Jade Star (Tanager Book 0) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JD1PGB4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_GS8nBbGMSTD7J I’m enjoying Liberty Con, and writing the end of Lab Gremlins. It’s finished!


Pace Yourself

I’m possibly the worst person conceivable to talk about pacing. No, no, not in my writing – although that is a matter of personal taste and mood. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a slowly unfurling work of great linguistic beauty and deeply evolved characters. Other times I want it full of action or I… Read More Pace Yourself


Wild Edible Plants

I’ve been going through my posts and looking for stuff I’ve written on wildcrafting. Hopefully I’ll have the time later to do something more, in the meantime… I need to pull out a lot of files. Any interest in locals on going for a Forage Walk with me? It may happen, we’re working on a… Read More Wild Edible Plants

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Material Excitement

This one’s for my kids, specifically the Junior Mad Scientist and the Little Man. Remember how I told you that they are looking for people to specialize in Materials Sciences, and you both looked at me funny? Well, these might help you understand just how cool, and diverse, that field is. Also, there are scholarships… Read More Material Excitement

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The Empty Bookshelf

I recently bought two large bookshelves. Since we moved, and the kids each asked to have a set of shelves in their rooms, and another set got repurposed from ‘book’ to ‘bathstuff’ due to limited space in the bathroom… I needed some shelves. I picked up a little set at the thrift shop, but it… Read More The Empty Bookshelf