Dipsy Daisy

Sorry about the missed day, guys. I regret it on several levels, but honestly, when it comes down to it: no one pays me to write this blog. Fiction? That I get paid for. And I just can’t publish all the fiction here, as I write it, because then I can’t sell it. So when… Read More Dipsy Daisy


Professional Daydreamer

I’m stressed – nothing big, just life transitioning again – and normally when I’m stressed, I stop being creative. This time? The creativity has kicked into a whole new level. I’m confused. I’m not complaining, but still, I wish my brain were a little more predictable. Especially because what’s popping into my head isn’t terribly… Read More Professional Daydreamer


Review: Danner Vicious

I promised this review a long time ago. My only excuse is that the delay has made it an even better review… (Teal Deer at the end of the post.) This isn’t about books. It’s about boots. Specifically, the Danner Vicious I bought in March for work purposes. Before making this investment – I paid more for… Read More Review: Danner Vicious


All Eyes

There might be a post later. Or not. It’s a Monday of Monday’s and I haven’t got time or Internet access for the time being. So in the meantime, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll be all eyes when I get back online. Whenever that is.


More OPB

Other People’s Books rides again! You know, this is fun. I get to share the stories my friends create, and I feel less guilty about my glacial writing pace. Whee! I know most of my readers are here because, well, they read. So here’s to having reading noms on tap every week for y’all, while… Read More More OPB


Categorically Weird

Look, I’m quite aware that what I find fascinating might very well make someone else’s eyes cross with confusion and boredom. Or I might get lucky and find someone to babble at who shares my passions. My husband and I mesh fairly well in that regard – this morning’s porch conversation ranged from my efforts… Read More Categorically Weird