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Lab Gremlins Chapter Headings

A while back a colleague had commented that fun chapter headings were not completely outré in the Indie publishing world. Since I, too, have delightful memories of quirky chapter titles that gave you a tease of the content of that chapter, I thought I’d give in to my sense of whimsy and make the chapter titles of this novella fit with my old ERB and H Rider Haggard memories, since those early influences are why I write stuff like this… it’s fun! Just fun. I’m not striving to hit any sort of literary benchmark, just to get the story out of my head and then share it with my fans.

Plus, this is totally a teaser. I was hoping to release this novella on Halloween, that could still happen. More likely, it’ll be out by Thanksgiving (and I’ll be thankful!).

  • Avaunt the Gremlins
  • The Mystery of the Shattered Bottle
  • Skunk is Positively Delightful Stink, in Comparison
  • Trust me, I’m from the Government
  • Probe Me, Just don’t Make Me Drink the Coffee
  • Xenofauna and other Aliens
  • Beige, I think I’ll Paint it Beige
  • Lime Jello with Chunks
  • Yugos Have a Certain Reputation
  • In Which Nothing At All Happens, Very Rapidly
  • Flamethrowers are Cool, but Lasers Rock
  • Better Living Through Modern Chemistry
  • Lab Gremlins on Parade
  • The End

Ok, that last isn’t a whole chapter, just a description. And I’m not entirely sure it’s true, because I really enjoyed these characters and this world. I may very well wind up revisiting it. Now, I just need to write the last couple thousand words, send it to Beta Readers, and then final edits. Plus a cover. Still trying to suss out the best style for the cover, which is challenging because I don’t know what genre to call this one.

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