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Cover Reveal!

I’m rather excited about this. It’s been a long, busy year, and I’d begun to wonder if I’d be able to release anything significant this year. Well, as I’m wrapping up Lab Gremlins, it’s looking like it will have a Halloween publication date. Only…

There’s more to a book than the words which make up a story. Everyone says they don’t care what the cover looks like, but trust me: everyone totally judges books by their covers. Which was why I was worried about managing a cover with the lack of time I’ve had. Plus, I had to decide what genre the novella fell into, because that makes a huge difference when you are designing a cover. Tomorrow over at the Mad Genius Club, I’ll get into depth about what makes a good cover. Plus, I’ll be giving away an ebook to everyone.

Until then, here’s the cover for Lab Gremlins! It may take a few tweaks before publication, but I’m tickled with it.

10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!

  1. Every once in a while, I just stop for a minute, amazed by how wide and deep your skill set is.
    Like, now.
    Okay, that’s over.

    With respect to the cover being too spooky, I suggest the way in which you have drawn the face, particularly the eyes (!), would lead me to believe that the next words out of the gremlin’s mouth would be “Can you make me a PBJ?” rather than “NOW, I’ve got you!”

    Although the lunch request might not be a PBJ; it might be banana, hydrofluoric acid, and mayo sandwich, on white bread with the crusts cut off. Still, it’s a case of an imploring request for a snack, not a battle cry.

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