Back to School

No, not me. Yes, I’m planning on doing grad school. But that’s another time, another post… this is about my baby who just started highschool. He was sitting on my bed last night while I was working on paying bills and sorting paperwork, and he was talking excitedly to me about the extra credit his new math teacher assigned: he has to write a one page essay on a historical mathematician. He’s in honors history, because history is his favorite subject, and he was telling me that he’s going to finish watching a documentary on the Great Depression he’s been working through, and then he’s going to find more videos on the history they are covering in class. This kid. 

And the Junior Mad Scientist is beginning her senior year, homeschooled, and working hard at it. We finally found her ‘on’ button for schoolwork. It took far too long, but at LibertyCon with the help of dear friends, she suddenly discovered that something she really enjoys doing is actually a potential career path. And just like that, school has a purpose for her. After years of pushing, pulling, and dragging her through the educational process, she’s taken the bit between her teeth and I’m seeing actual progress. I’m very proud of her, and of the fact that she wants to learn how to drive instead of being terrified of it. 

Sometimes that’s what we have to do. Face the fear, and walk through it. Because the only way out is on the other side of the fear. If that is the only lesson I can teach, then… 

I haven’t got a lot of time. This morning, writing this post, or with my kids, guiding their steps toward becoming the best people they can be. Soon, like the Ginja Ninja, they will be flying the nest and on their own power to do good, or flop. All I can do then is stand here and wave encouragement. Offer advice if they come home for food and encouragement. But mostly, let them free to become their own person. School serves a purpose. It’s to cram a bunch of knowledge into their growing brains. That’s not all the education they need, though. Just like I’m going to make the JMS do a budget, and stick to it, for her fashion design class this year. And for her spending in general. Because having money in savings is a very good thing, as an adult. And learning when to be ambitious and not settle at Fast Food for a career is something school isn’t going to teach. Reach higher. 

Reach for the stars, kids. Grasp the horns of the moon and fly. 

“Dawn Over Antares”
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  1. by the time i found out i could have paid for grad school i was behing on my payments. now that i am ‘current’, i am no longer in an area to go to one…

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