I Could Lend you My Ears

Sitting here in a dark room, lit only by the screens. I look at my beloved and think, I wish I could lend you my ears. Listening to love songs and I know you can’t hear all the notes. 

I can’t sing you a love song. I can only write, but I wish I could lend you my ears. There are voices you could hear, but it’s enough to see in your eyes how you feel when you look at me. 

I watch you listening and know you’re damaged, but it never shows. I wish I could make you whole. 

There’s a line in a quote I read about the holes in us never quite matching. So we press ourselves together and mend one another. 

I can’t give you my ears. I can just write about the way it makes me feel to listen to love songs and watch you lit in chiaroscuro against the dark. 

My heart is full of feelings and they come out in the same old way, through my hands. My hands on the keyboard, my hands on a pencil or pen, my hands on skin. 

I can’t sing for you. I can only write for you. 

I can’t heal you. I can only hope that my damage and your damage together mesh in a way that keeps most of the sadness from slipping out. 

I can’t write you a love song. I was never good at poetry. I can’t promise you happiness every day; 

Life isn’t like that. Life is like making the best of what we’ve got. 

Life is about listening, and learning to love. The perfect note is the one unheard, and the perfect lover is the one you watch in the dark when he’s not looking. 


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