A participant in the prompt challenge pointed out that More Odds Than Ends could be acronym’d (I know, that’s not a word) as MOTE. Which amused me, because it had never occurred to me to plan that. I was just coming up with a silly name for a group of creatives who had trouble finishing projects. Because I am one, and I knew I wasn’t alone. This year, though, we are collectively taking part in a project, and I plan to haul it along through 52 weeks of creative, prompted, writing and other endeavours. Oh, I am not asking for everyone to take part every single week. Just me, because I need to write more, and this seemed like a good idea for making me write at least once a week even if I can’t manage every day… I can’t manage every day. Not now, not at this point in my life. 

So the other blog was born. And that’s where I was busy this morning putting up the weekly prompt post, as well as fussing over the overall blog ‘look.’ I have a favor to ask… could you pop over there and tell me if that theme works? I was trying to make it easier to navigate around the weeks, and to find the instructions (now in the sidebar). 

Also, one of my lovely volunteers who is helping me run this monster suggested that we add the Spare Prompts into their own page, or entity, or something. He’d suggested a random quote style plugin, but I’d have to move to a paid plan, and, well, I could. I haven’t spent any money on this project yet. Or we could get creative in the free framework. Any ideas? The Spare Prompts, like Spare ‘Oom, exist for those who weren’t ready to commit to the challenge, or didn’t know about it, or see something that sparks their imagination. Several prompters are generous enough to send us a few extras every week to fill in this category. 

Thanks! I appreciate the help a lot. 



5 thoughts on “MOTE

  1. Call them “Moties”? 😆

    I wonder what Larry Niven would think?

    Jerry Pournelle might have been amused.

  2. Format looks fine for finding stuff, one confusion is– are you supposed to only take part if you send a prompt in, or is this something where folks can kind of skim down the list and go “hey, that looks fun” and take off with it– with a request that they link back?

      1. Oh, good, because that sounds fun and is a good way to get more involvement– but there’s no way I could commit. Even if I could remember. ^.^

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