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Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Good Ol’ Dog


The First Reader might never admit it, but he has a turn for poetry. Or, as he said about this one ‘doggerel. I write doggerel.’ Be as that may, I like it, and I think you’ll want to sing it in your head, the way I did. 

Just a good ol’ dog
never meaning no harm,
beats all you ever saw,
getting’ in trouble on her paws since the day she was born

Chasing the cats
chewing the rugs
Some day the warden might get her but the neighbor never will

Makin’ her way
The only way she knows how
Thats just a little bit more than her owner allows

Just a good ol’ dog
Wouldn’t change if she could

Biting the mailman like a modern day Robin Hood

— Sanford Begley

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6 thoughts on “Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Good Ol’ Dog

      1. I had no idea Waylon Jennings sung the theme! Thanks for teaching me something today. And yeah, it definitely evoked that, and a grin.

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