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Cover Reveal! The Violet Mouse


This story was born of conversations in molecular bio labs, and human relationships, and knowing how much friendship can mean. 

It’s science fiction, bleeding edge… it’s hard to stay ahead of the science these days. Wildest imagination finds it difficult to stretch past where we are in reality. If I can’t keep ahead of the science, I do know one thing: human nature never changes. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends. 

Three friends, one fateful conversation. You can’t let your closest friends do something drastic, not if you can help it. When one of you has a a brilliant mind, another is a skeptic, and the last one is willing to be a guinea pig… should you stop them? 

The Violet Mouse, coming soon! 

I plan to release something new every few weeks until the new novel comes out, even if they aren’t related to the novel… So please, if you enjoy reading my stuff, say so. If you want, share it around. A writer doesn’t live on the joy of words alone. Plus, it’s the best way to tip an author: leave a review or talk about their work. Costs nothing but some time. 
I’ll post again when The Violet Mouse is out, with a link! In the meantime, there’s a free serial story to enjoy, and you could check out my other works, like Lab Gremlins.  As always, I am so grateful for you, my readers. You keep me writing and spinning my worlds into the pages of my books. 

5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal! The Violet Mouse

  1. Wow, that design…. I really like what you did with the eye, it fits the same kind of creeps that the teaser gives.


    On less important but still relevant matters:
    I like the new site format, it’s actually using most of my screen. The scrolling prior posts is a little iffy, and it took be a sec to find the comments, but over all it feels bigger.

    1. Thank you! This was originally written to submit to a SciFi Horror collection, but beta readers said it wasn’t quite horror…

      That is very helpful. I think I’m going to ditch the scrolling initial posts – it’s really difficult to standardize my header images and if they aren’t the same size it goes wonky. I also like the ‘feels bigger’ on the screen, and the open white space makes me happy.

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