Cleverly Done


So, to set the scene… myself, and three of my colleagues. All of us grown scientist types. Sitting around a big conference table duly socially distanced. Masked, gloved… ok, that last was because we were all working on a task together. Unusually, this was not a lab task. But you get the picture. 

One of my colleagues had music playing for all of us on his phone (the task is mind-numbingly tedious). Another colleague joined us, and as we all chatted about music we like, or don’t, and why, the topic of bluegrass came up (through conversation about Country, as it does). To this… 

There are more. You should go look at The Cleverly’s playlist. Let me just say that there is a pure joy to sitting at a table, hands busy, laughing your head off in the company of folks you like and respect. It was delightful, and it made my week. 

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Also, it can make the most tedious of tasks fly by. Ok, there was no flying. It took four of us two solid hours to get it done. But we did do it, and we had a good time with a great soundtrack. 



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