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I’ve started writing again. Fiction, that is. You’ve seen my output of non-fiction if you follow this blog. Of course, I say this and it sounds impressive and then I will tell you that the first day, I did 6 words. The second day I managed 61. It’s not about the count, it’s the discipline, you see. 

And there are distractions. So many distractions. I went and got my jab, the single-dose version because lazy, and my immune system predictably kicked up a pretty robust response to it. As I suspected it would, since the immune system in my case had already been exposed to that particular intruder. So there were a couple of miserable days, but I feel better now, and it’s a boost to the immune system against possible re-infection. Also, if needed, documentation to get me out of the mask. Which is not how that should work, but since when do truth, justice, and real life align neatly? 

Overall, though, my stress level is way down. I noted the other morning that I am not shedding like I was. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but for a while, I was losing a handful of hair daily. I was quite honestly concerned about baldness. Side note- I ever go bald, I’m getting flowers tattooed over my whole head. Like Redoute’s roses or something. Talking with a couple of trusted friends, they pointed out it was likely stress. Well, at some point, it stopped recently. To my relief. I’ve also been reminded I haven’t had a haircut since August 2019. #girlprivilege

This morning, the cake is not a lie. My son wanted cake, to celebrate his end of school year, and I’d said I would make him one. He got a wild hair yesterday, and I got home in the wee sma’ hours to find one on the counter. This morning, it was assembled and frosted. I mentally sighed, tossed my diet plans over my shoulder, and am enjoying a slice of cake for breakfast. Teenagers! are the reward for putting up with toddlers, I suppose. He’s been doing well with working, even with walking almost a mile to and from work most days. Besides, he cleaned the kitchen yesterday, so I’m eating cake? I could live with this. I could also get fat with this. 

I need to re-imagine an exercise routine. Probably something I can easily do in my own bedroom, without jumping up and down – there’s an apartment under us! – although there is a fitness center here at the apartment complex. I haven’t been in that, yet. Should go check it out. I was doing so well last year with weight loss, and the move completely derailed me. 

Speaking of derailing… The Little Man is dragging me off to watch the Bad Batch. 

(header image: today’s art. A fractal render, by myself, “Imperfect Rose” and this is the light treatment, there is a dark as well.) 

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  1. Once up on a time there was a gent whose head was tattooed like a koi pond. And when he didn’t shave his head, it looked like the pond had algae. Why not roses instead?

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