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Lunch in Alvarado

I’m writing this post because the Little Man asked me to do something. Also, over his sixteenth birthday celebration we had a conversation about his nom-de-blog. He’s half a foot taller than I am, broader in the shoulders, and ‘little’ just isn’t the right word any more. Except… he thinks it’s funny. And he told me he always wants to be my Little Man. Which, well, what can I say after he’s melted my heart? Aw.… yeah, ok, I can’t say no to that. 

We were roadtripping and stopped for food. Teenager. We stop for food a lot. And more often than I want, it’s fast food due to time constraints, cost, and well, he’s a picky eater. This time? I balked. We’d gotten off the highway at a likely-looking exit and parked. He pulled up google while I was driving, and read off all the fast food chains. “What about a local place?” I asked him. “A mom-and-pop shop.” 

For a change? He didn’t argue. Given where he picked? I’m not at all surprised. He and his sisters all love Japanese food. We pulled up, and I asked, “Are you sure? That’s an auto shop.” 

Which it was. But in an unassuming front, it’s also Texas Teriyaki of Alvarado (link is to facebook, fair warning), which is listed as a hamburger joint on google for some reason. It is not, and what it is, is good food served simply and tasty. The interior is decorated in a fun superhero theme. I didn’t get photos of the fan art painted walls, you’ll have to go see that for yourself.

I don’t know if you can read the menu – mostly noodles, fried rice, and standard American-Chinese dishes for good measure. 

Our meals were served conveniently in takeaway boxes, a Covid measure they were apologetic about, but I thought quite practical. The LM got the chicken teriyaki/chicken sweet and sour combo, where I had the special of the day with a gyoza plate. 

Gyoza, steamed rice with teriyaki sauce, and cold noodles in a white almost-sweet sauce (anyone know what that is?).

There were also little salads, fresh and crisp. All of this was good stuff. The rice was on point, and I am an unabashed rice snob. The gyoza was not handmade, but who does that? Ok, I do, but not often. Most likely, never again! The teriyaki sauce was good and I suspect made there. 

The Little Man prefers chicken. Unless he orders shrimp. I was just happy he hadn’t gotten the chicken tenders. 

He approved of the sweet and sour, which is always his go-to.

So why am I reviewing a restaurant? Pure unadulterated self-interest. While we were waiting on food, he says ‘you should do a series of restaurants on the blog. I’ll do it with you while we’re waiting for the First Reader to get here and do it with you.’ 

Heck, yes! I mean, another heart-warming moment of kid being aware I miss the First Reader (and also, having sullen teen admit he misses the old man, too, was a moment none of us ever thought we’d have) and being willing to step out of his burger comfort zone to eat adventurously with me. 

So if you happen to be in Alvarado and are hungry, check out Texas Teriyaki. It’s casual, fun, and filling. Teen-approved.

As you walk in, or out, there’s a mist system! How cool is that? (nyuk, nyuk)


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  1. Kenneth is also 16, and he also flabbergasts me sometimes with his ability to be mature, compassionate, and amazing. While it is true that sometimes I still want to pinch his head off, MOST of the time, I rejoice at being a part of his life.
    And it’s also true that at his age, I was much more of a jerk than he is, on his worst day.
    Can’t get him to eat much unusual stuff, though. So, I am impressed by the LM’s willingness to engage the universe, on its; own terms!

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