Continuing Education

I sometimes have to stop and explain to friends that I was raised without a television, and I really didn’t have much exposure to music, either, so while I can usually grasp a pop culture reference through context and exposure to memes… I often have never seen the source material. Had one of those moments in the last week or so, which elicited a wide-eyed “Dude!” and was followed up by a homework assignment. 

I don’t know what I was expecting. This wasn’t it. 

For the record, I was expecting something harder, more metal. So this was much more mellow than my brain was set for. I really enjoyed the songs, and you’ll note that all of them in that little playlist are the lyrics versions, so I could read along, because that was the point. More about the lyrics than the music here. Since I really like meaningful lyric poetry, that made me happy. My favorite of this selection? Definitely Veteran of the Psychic Wars. It resonates for me. 

I can live with homework like this! 

6 thoughts on “Continuing Education

  1. Yes, all the Blue Oyster Cult is really good. (I love Black Blade – which is about Melric of Elbone). You might like some of ELO (Electric Light Orchestra). They have one whole album that is just about a guy who became a time traveler, went the future, and eventually came home. Each song telling about a part of the journey and what he was seeing. Lots of cool sci-fi stuff. I also grew up without TV much of my childhood, and our kids were without TV for a number of years. We haven’t had a TV for the last 12+ years, but we do watch some Netflix, Hulu, etc. WE are just very judicious about it.

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