Show me you care

It’s been a long couple of weeks. Today is the first day off in twelve days straight. So of course I’m cleaning. I mean, I probably would have spent most of my day curled up and drawing, or writing, but my son dragged me gently but inexorably out into the living area and said ‘clean!’ So I did, working with him at first. Since he’s been helping keep it up out there, once we’d gotten that under control, I moved into my bedroom and he disappeared to play a video game. 

I’m preparing for my husband, and that means I need to transform this place from ‘crash pad’ to “Love you, honey, welcome home!” which means it needs to be cleaned, stacks of books removed from his desk, the random stuff that migrated from my side of the closet to his (currently empty) side policed up… and the bed stripped and fresh linens on. I know it will be a couple of weeks yet. He’s waiting on the contract to convert to closing, which they have 8 days left to do. And then he’s got to load up the truck and head for Kentucky, to visit with my mom and his parents, before he slowly winds down here to Texas. If it were just him, he tells me, he’d be rushing. As he’s accompanied by our senior pupper, he’s going to be moving at her speed for pee breaks. And of course, if this offer falls through, it will take even longer to go through the process on the next one. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen. 

None of that has to do with the title of this post. No, that would be the cat. 

Inspector Gidget, who is currently on the chonk chart at ‘Heckin’ Chonker’ is very much the Little Man’s cat. Which is good, since he needed her company to help him get through the Long Dark of Covid Times. She sleeps with him, fusses at his door if he dares close her out, and is generally devoted to her boy. You can tell. She bites him more than us. 

That being said, somehow my bedding always has plenty of cat hairs on it. The only time she’s slept with me was when he spent a week down with his sisters, and I almost locked her out because she would groom my hair while I was sleeping. I didn’t want her to be lonely, though, so I just made sure I braided it before bed. Today, when I pulled off the bedding for washing, she was nowhere in sight. I puttered around a bit, organizing the closet, and put a sheet on the bed. A minute later, she was lounging on the bed, doing the long stretch ‘I’m touching Everything’ pose. 

Show me you care, cat. I’m not allowed to have a cat hair free zone, am I? 

She left after that display, but I’ll bet when the clean blanket goes on, she’ll be there to love on me by shedding all over it, too. 

Imperious one

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