It’s Friday

I’ve got about ten minutes before I need to toss some food in a sack, slop coffee in a cup, and go. Funny how it is. 

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to being at work. I have some good puzzles to work through while I’m there, and the possibility of being handed more today. I’m never bored at this job, and when there is downtime, I’m paid to read. Dream come true! The job is, for the first time in my life, something to look forward to. 

No, it’s just that I’m really stinkin’ tired. Don’t know exactly why, I haven’t been managing much exercise because, well, tired. Most nights this week have been quietly making art at home, making dinner, that sort of thing. It may be the allergies – waking up congested and seeing that my sleep towards morning is all light and no deep according to my little watch doohickey. I’ll try to remember the meds at night, rather than in the morning when I wake up and want them. 

The house in OH is moving slowly toward something. Closing date is Nov. 9, if the buyer’s financing holds water and nothing else weird crops up to throw an obstacle in the path. I find myself unable to get excited about this stage. It’s not going to feel real until all the checks are disbursed at this point. Because it would be just as easy to get a call on Monday saying that the whole deal tanked, and we have to start over from the top and it will be another month at minimum and… and I’m already working at not crying when I have to say goodbye to my husband on the phone. 

I’m writing, at the speed of a molasses spill in January. I have submissions to the holiday anthology to read and respond to – that’s scheduled for this weekend, if any of you reading this want to know – and I’m muddling my way toward a Halloween project. Small steps. The art is going better than I expected, for another thing. Still not sure what I’m doing with that, but it will be something. 

any way, my time is up… 

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