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Meet me at 6

I’ve broken out the wool socks this morning. Fall in Texas… it’s going to be in the 50s today. I got a frost warning on my phone notifications, and had a moment before I remembered that those were set up in Ohio… Need to change my location with that app! I’ll take 50s and sunshine (or even rain occasional) over freezes and constant bleak gray. 

Friday. That’s tomorrow. Meet me over at my YouTube channel and let’s have a chat! 

You know, part of the silly things we tell ourselves… I hadn’t done the live chats in part because my desk is in the bedroom and I didn’t want my bed (even neatly made!) to be in the background? Well, I can move the laptop and the microphone rig I have to use since this puppy has a bad sound card. D’oh. 

See you tomorrow at 6 pm Central Time! 


3 thoughts on “Meet me at 6

  1. Ah, I wondered if it was 6 am or 6 pm. [Grin]

    Note, there were times when giving an appointment time for an afternoon time, I’d ask if that was am or pm. [Crazy Grin]

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