God Bless Texas

Started off the long weekend rolling into 2022 by getting out of work early and going for a walk. I could do this, because… I live in Texas now. In NH I’d have had to strap on snowshoes to take the equivalent walk. OH? Likely to have been cold and rainy and I don’t do… Read More God Bless Texas


At the Age of 40

The other day was a special anniversary for me. It’s the day I took the last exam of my Bachelor’s of Science program. A few days later, I walked across a stage and was handed an empty (if impressive) folder. A few weeks after that, the most expensive piece of paper I’ve ever owned showed… Read More At the Age of 40


Too Many Mugs

Me: I need something to hold hairsticks. One at my desk, one at my nightstand, one at the vanity: anywhere I take the ‘sticks out and put them down (and inevitably lose them for at least a while). Him: Use a coffee mug. Me… I was thinking a bud vase, but ok. I have a… Read More Too Many Mugs

Food, Humor


I’d heard about Texas. So many stories. But there was one story that intrigued me, foodie that I am. The tale of the illicit dealings in tamales. I figured it would take a while, making some connections, getting to know the right people, before I, too, could make that covert exchange with an abuelita in… Read More DDE