Too Many Mugs

Me: I need something to hold hairsticks. One at my desk, one at my nightstand, one at the vanity: anywhere I take the ‘sticks out and put them down (and inevitably lose them for at least a while).

Him: Use a coffee mug.

Me… I was thinking a bud vase, but ok. I have a tall narrow coffee mug they will stay in, since some of them are too top-heavy for a short tapered mug. 

Also Me: the problem with using a mug at the desk is that I’m going to reach for it when I’m focused on a project and not really paying attention! I’ve drunk paint water before! 

I have, I hope, prevented the ‘you’ll put an eye out!’ by tucking the mug partly behind the monitor and hiding the handle! 

Oh, and you know what’s really tasty? A mug full of English Breakfast tea with a healthy dollop of Amarula in it! And maybe a little whipped cream on top. 

2 thoughts on “Too Many Mugs

  1. I’m definitely in favor of a dollop of Amarula in my tea. Trying out Fortum & Mason’s Victoria Gray blend right now, and it does need something. Amarula or amaretto both sound good.

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