Spicy HotPot

Since I mentioned this, in detail, on today’s livestream, I thought I’d put up my photo of it. That’s a lot of chili oil adrift on that yummy, yummy broth! 

I will one hundred percent go back to Yin Tang for lunch, but next time I’m ordering a mild. Or… what’s less than a mild? 

4 thoughts on “Spicy HotPot

  1. Before we met and adopted our son, the agency sent reports about him.
    One report said, “He does not like tasty food”. I have just enough Thai to look up words in a dictionary. They translated *phet as tasty. It may mean that, but the usual translation is *spicy!

  2. edar, right below the spicy, tasty version is what you get when you order “Yankee.”Don’t worry, you get accustomed to the hot as your tolerance for capsaicin grows. I have Kansas relatives in agony over food I honestly cannot detect any spice at all in.

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