FantaSci 2022 Panel Schedule

I’m in Raleigh, NC all this weekend for the SFF convention, FantaSci

As an author guest, which is exciting, and means I’ll be busy! 

You can catch me on these panels, and Sunday is a day of relaxation. On Sunday my Dad will be hanging out with me until I leave for home, and I am looking forward to introducing him to old friends, as this will be his first SFF con. 

Friday 13:00 Music and Art in Fantasy/Sci-Fi 
Friday 15:00 Cover Art & Design  
Friday 21:00 The Dating Game, with Books 
Saturday 10:00 A Hero’s Got to Eat 
Saturday 11:00 Science & Technology in Alt History 
Saturday 14:00 Time Travel and Medicine 
Saturday 16:00 Voyages in the World of Self-Publishing 
Looks like it’s going to be a great con, with many familiar faces. It’s interesting timing for me, so I’m going to be flying very low-key, with only a handful of books along. I will have postcards to sign & sketch for the ebook readers who may happen to catch me there. 

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