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Coming soon, the third coloring book and humor collaboration between Lawdog and I. This one will have three reptilian themed tales in total, along with over thirty illustrations. Just like The Ratel Saga, this will be available as an ebook as well as the paper version. Ebook comic-style will be available by the end of… Read More AstroLizards

Simple Life

First Bake

Testing out the oven at the new house. Making dinner for the North Texas Troublemakers and enjoying the heck out of it. The kitchen is nowhere near fully operational, but it’s close enough to mix up a feast! Made a lovely discovery last night during the livestream. There is a cardinal nesting in the vines… Read More First Bake


Ghosts of Malta

The ghosts in this anthology are the stories themselves, haunting the tiny, indomitable island.  Ghosts of Malta is a collection of tales set on Malta, from authors scattered around the world, and a history you won’t want to miss by the LawDog himself.  I have a story in this one, along with many other great… Read More Ghosts of Malta

Cooking, Recipe

Feeling My Biscuits

This isn’t so much a recipe as it is thoughts on cooking for four decades. So if you want a precise recipe, sorry, perhaps this will work better for you? After all these years, I find myself telling my kids ‘don’t watch me bake. It’s a science, and you really ought to measure,’ as I… Read More Feeling My Biscuits


It gets a little fuzzy

The borders between home and sleeping-place are ill-defined and will be for a while. I’ll report in from home later today – Friday evening livestream! Catch me at 6 pm central from the front porch of Home. Last weekend I evidently messed up the settings and that brief video vanished into the aether, sorry about… Read More It gets a little fuzzy


Home for a Day

Today we came home.  There was champagne, and housewarming gifts – like that chair, thank you Jim Curtis!  There were friends, and a dog and a cat, and a very excited Little Man.  Toasting the house, and showing off all the fun little features.  And finally, for a brief sweet moment in the hectic day,… Read More Home for a Day


The Final Hurdle

We are in the last stages of this particular life adventure. One year ago I came down to Texas towing a loaded trailer, and spent the weekend at a gathering of friends before turning around and heading back to Ohio. Two days later, the whole family was in Texas to unload the big truck with… Read More The Final Hurdle



The sound you make when you hit the wall.  I’m trying not to wear myself out. Trying really hard. It’s just there are a lot of moving parts and I seem to be getting less sleep even though I’m lying down obediently at bedtime and getting up… ok, last couple of mornings I was already… Read More Wubbuda