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First Bake

Testing out the oven at the new house. Making dinner for the North Texas Troublemakers and enjoying the heck out of it. The kitchen is nowhere near fully operational, but it’s close enough to mix up a feast!

Decorated Focaccia bread to start out.

Made a lovely discovery last night during the livestream. There is a cardinal nesting in the vines that shade and give our porch privacy. Mrs. Cardinal is tucked in her upcycled home all snug, and Mr Cardinal comes along every so often to check that she is well. We sat on the porch this morning enjoyed the constant birdsong, watching them and the hummingbird who came to partake of nectar.

We still have so much to do, but we are making slow and steady progress. Can’t afford to rush it, so I will just savor the little moments, and the fresh bread. This house smells amazing, I must say. I’m very happy, and so is everyone else.

4 thoughts on “First Bake

  1. That AND the spaghetti were excellent, thank you! You noticed how much (zero) was left of the focaccia didn’t you? 🙂

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