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Why Not?

On my desk I have a few sheets of paper. I printed them out earlier, and now they are lying here causing me some mingled emotional moments when I look over and see them. You see, I suspect most of you are like me. Back in 2020 when the world stopped, or attempted to grind to a full halt at any rate, you stopped doing… things. 

Whatever those things were. Activities, museum visits, adventures that didn’t involve watching a travelogue. Now, there was a time where you couldn’t get out and do things that would add to your experiences. That time is past, my friend. I encourage you to find something that will give you experience, which will give you good stories to tell later, which will enrich your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine from your comfortable shell, ie, your house. 

Why not? 

I’m planning to go on a hike tomorrow, which should be no surprise to my readers. What may be a bit different, and the source of my mixed emotions, is that I’ll be meeting a group at the Copper Breaks State Park, and taking part in a survey of Horned Lizards. I’m… not usually willing to hike with other people. I like my quiet time. However, I also want to work towards becoming a certified naturalist, and this is the group of folks I will be working with. I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m getting out and doing something. 

This weekend I’ll also be traveling back to the city to hopefully spend some time with my sister. It will be a busy weekend. I’m not used to those anymore! Once, they were the norm, though. How about you? What have you stopped doing, perhaps without even thinking about it? What would you like to do again? I’ll challenge you to find something cool to do, and then, get out and do it. 

It may feel awkward at first. It will be, sorry, very tiring when you get back to activities that used to feel energizing to you. Just like muscles grown slack from long disuse, your social skills will take time to build back up. However, if you continue to withdraw, that’s not exactly helping any, is it now? it’s not going to magically get easier the longer you don’t do things. So! Pick something that makes you happy, that seems ‘easy’ to start out with. Do that. Do it again. You’ll find it gets easier the more you do it. And you know what? You probably don’t want to do this. You’re reading, thinking ‘I don’t have to…’ 

No. You do not. I’m not in charge of you. I’m challenging you. If you feel like your world has shrunk in the last couple of years, maybe even as small as the four walls of your home, then you really should get out. Like making your bed, you can come up with excuses to not do it (an unmade bed kills microbes! sigh and just how does a snarled nest really expose all your sheets and bedding to the minimal UV coming through your window, and did you even pull the curtains on that window? Really? Wash your sheets and just make your damn bed!)

I’m here to tell you that sometimes you have to make plans, move on them, and only then will the motivation to really do it happen. I’ve seen this in myself time and time again. That feeling of dread, facing a social situation, and coming home afterwards feeling tired, but good tired and buzzing with joy over having done it. 

Get out there and make memories. 

Why not?