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How Not to Shoot Fish!

The hunting anthology, volume 1, is out now! A little early, but that’s better than late. 

You can acquire and read this illustrated collection of twenty-one tales in ebook, or paperback

As the title indicates, most of the stories in this book are humor, some wry, some rueful. In addition, there are tales of the dogs we don’t deserve, and the family who passes on the love of the hunt through generations. It’s a very special collection, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy it all! 


7 thoughts on “How Not to Shoot Fish!

  1. What is that horrific thing on the cover? It looks sort of like a deer skull that is growing a second deer skull out of the top of its head. Are you sure this isn’t a horror novel?

    1. I have warned, I mean notified, my relatives. Thanks for getting this together, Cedar. Are there plans to take the ebook beyond Amazon?

  2. Your stump reminds me of the (true) story about your great-aunt Moya shooting a moose that wouldn’t die. Turned out it was a stuffed moose somebody had planted in a likely place. I don’t know how many people shot that moose!

  3. Also there’s a story in The Little House in the Big Woods about Pa and a stump that looked like a bear. The illustration was great. There’s an amazing story by Washington Irving on Project Gutenberg Australia about hunting in the 1800’s out west. (*A Tour on the Prairies* and no, it isn’t on plain Project Gutenberg.) I’m going to take this ebook on vacation.

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