New Books Today!

I have a new release, but so do some friends and fellow authors, so you’ll have plenty to read this weekend!  Zombie Maggots is out just in time for Halloween! It’s available in ebook and paperback for your reading pleasure. If you’d like to know more about the writing process of it, check out my… Read More New Books Today!

Cooking, Recipe

Composing a Stew

Playing with flavors in the kitchen is a happy place for me. I’d come home after the Blanket Fort livestream yesterday, and was standing in the kitchen happily pulling odd containers out of the fridge, and possibly humming to myself, when the First Reader walked in. I looked up at him, giggling. “I’m composing!” He… Read More Composing a Stew

Garden, gardening

The Black Thumb

The secret to having a green thumb is persistence. Yes, you’ll kill plants, but if you keep studying, and trying, eventually you’ll have something live. Oddly enough, what kills most houseplants? Overwatering.  This is not to say I have a green thumb. I have not. In fact, this summer trying to garden in Texas was… Read More The Black Thumb

Odd Prompts

Odd Prompts: Never

Never say never I prompted myself. I’ve been feeling like I’ll never be able to write again. These last two years have played merry havoc with my ability to write. There are days I say to myself ‘never again.’ I should just hang it all up. And then… then I see a lovely review on… Read More Odd Prompts: Never

Ok here's what were gonna do

Purple Keys

New keyboard test. This thing is super slimline with very low-profile keys. Much like both the laptop keyboards I’ve been working on for the last, er, year or two. So yeah, this is going to work much better than the deep keys of the backup keyboard I was trying out the other day. Muscle memory… Read More Purple Keys


It’s Not Perfect

Iterate better, friend and fellow author Dorothy Grant keeps telling me. If something isn’t working, make changes until it does. I started doing that several weeks ago when I moved the desk off the wall to the center of the room. This afternoon once I’d shut down the work laptop, I cleared it off the… Read More It’s Not Perfect


The Cat’s Palate

Inspector Gidget is ambivalent about wet catfood (she’ll only eat the gravy style with no solids) and turns up her nose at people food (even raw fresh salmon bits). I opened a tin of smoked oysters this morning and suddenly I had a cat trying to get on my lap (she doesn’t *do* laps, ever)and… Read More The Cat’s Palate


My idea of Fun

New place, new critters and plants. There’s people and conversations too, but the time to wander quietly was a welcome moment. Nothing to worry about, nothing tugging at my conscience to get done. Just me and whatever I can find. Pogonomyrmex rugosus, the Rough Harvester Ant, doing a bit of housekeeping before winter sets in.