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All the Pockets

There was a conversation, and a side discussion cropped up, as they do, about my perennial joke that I am a hobbit. I’m short, and I have big feet for my stature.  I’m not kidding about the feet, the First Reader and I can share boots, as we wear the same size in shoes.  But… Read More All the Pockets



I’ve been a bit fuzzy-brained today. We had plumbers in this morning, which was good because a minor problem got solved before it became a major one. It was something I could have done, in theory, but the First Reader suggested we call in the pros. For one thing, they would be able to spot… Read More Contemplation

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Sourdough Culture

Having written up the ‘how-to’ of starting a sourdough culture, and the beginnings of a recipe set for it, I was asked about the nature of the sourdough starter. What’s going on in that jar of oozing, smelling, wonderful stuff? How does it work? Is it safe? And why did we stop using sourdough except… Read More Sourdough Culture


Cooking Adventures

It’s not just me, right? I mean, I can’t be the only one who would decide to do something relatively simple for the big dinner, and have it cascade from there?  I just wanted some goat. Or lamb, but ideally goat.  I am planning to make gulyas for dinner. I’ve got beef, since Alma Boykin… Read More Cooking Adventures


To All the Veterans

They all went out, in service of their country. Some came home again.  They came home, and went back to work quietly, but we remember what they were willing to do on our behalf.  We remember, and are grateful for the men and women who marched until their feet bled, for our safety and comfort.… Read More To All the Veterans