Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Book


So, on a whim, and because I’d used Vellum to get Zombie Maggots ready for ebook publication, I ran the print version as well. Why not? It’s all one button push. Doing the cover isn’t a big deal for me. Besides, I was curious. 


Let me tell you. 

This thing is so wee! It’s cute!

It’s like a real book, only smaller. 

I have to say I like how the glossy cover works on this one. Usually I go for a matte finish on fiction. I don’t plan to change that, but the little novella has a good look. 

Only, you know, it’s minute. 

Speaking of minutes, Amazon has categorized the thing into 90 Minute Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Reads. Since that’s the average reader’s time span, I suspect most of you get through it faster. Perhaps I should lower the price?